In spite of the challenges of COVID-19, Thrive served 2100 meals

for the Christmas holiday, at three locations:

Edmonton Intercultural Centre, Fusion Fellowship and Refuge Mission Hall. Here is a play by

play of the event. Volunteers – actually they are not just a volunteer to us – VALUABLE – included security

outside, then Team Boardwalk with assembly line serving stations for everything to be served, while

maintaining social distancing. The meal started with a hot turkey dinner, then ham and turkey

sandwiches, mandarin orange, homemade bread pudding, Fat Franks cookies, Bon Ton gourmet

desserts, WoW Factory candy cane mousse cheesecake, hot cups of coffee and a huge gift bag.

the dinner was a huge success and we are grateful for monetary donations. Donors included Bon Ton

Bakery, The WoW Factory Desserts, Boardwalk Community Rentals, Millwoods Lions Breakfast

Club, Edmonton Jolly Fellows Lions, Edmonton Millwoods Lions.

Edmonton South Edmonton Lions Club – Lions e-Clubhouse, (The Edmonton South Edmonton Lions

Club is a part of Lions Clubs International, a network of volunteers who work together to answer the

needs that challenge communities around the world.), The Edmonton South Lions Club,

Santa Yeg, Edmonton Foodbank, Hotel Nova, Gayle Holyk, Colleen Couet Pomeroy, Blaine Brooks, Myles

Podaima, Shirley Southwood, Krista Leicht, Fouad Helal, Refuge Mission House, Thiessen Dedicated

Trust Foundation, Church of Christ Victorious/ Elizabeth Giroux, Mimi Garbutt, Dawn Prescott, Jeff Tetz,

Rosena Johns, Tri West Group, Brian David MacPhee, Diane Toner, Billie-Jo Wolfe, Fusion Fellowship,

Sherry Adams, Mark Adams. Rob Robin Aromin for providing the music, Carol Curtis, Team Rayme, Lou-

ise, Rod, Andrew, Corrine and Preston Green with team.

If you are interested in sponsoring Thrive for future events or becoming a volunteer.

Contact Elaine 780-983-1409